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Energy Analysis

The first step in improving your home or business' energy efficiency is to analyze its current usage and pinpoint areas of energy loss. This is done by interviewing residents, visually inspecting the household, and through diagnostic work such as blower door testing(This Testing is done by your energy company). It is from this analysis that you are able to evaluate which energy saving solutions are right for you. 

Home Renovation

From simple repairs to full renovations and additions, we have the capabilities to meet your plumbing and heating needs. It is our priority to work with customers in fulfilling their desires of their new and improved living space. Uncompromising quality and attention to detail will ensure that our work will leave your home looking and functioning great for years to come.

High Efficient Boilers and Water Heaters

​Home heating makes up approximately 40% of a households energy consumption. Replacing an old boiler or water heater with a modern, high efficiency appliance can severely reduce your monthly energy bill and carbon footprint. If your boiler is 20 years or older, it is operating at a maximum of 65% efficiency, whereas the boilers that we install are rated at about 95% efficiency. Please look at Viessmann, and Triangle Tube websites. Concerning water heaters- best to look at application to determine what is the correct one.  For a rough estimate on what your monthly energy savings could be by upgrading, take a look at the ACEE's chart on the return of investing in high efficiency appliances.

Commercial Installation

​The functionality and efficiency of your business can be improved through the services of Kensington Plumbing and Heating. The advanced appliances and practices that we utilize in our work will not only keep your place of business operating consistently, but will also reduce your energy usage.

Radiant Heating

​By circulating hot water through pipes embedded in the floor, wall, or ceiling, radiant heating can efficiently maintain a level of warmth and comfort that is unmatched by other heating systems. Not only is radiant heating efficient and comfortable, but it is also out of sight and out of the way due to its structural integration. 

Energy Systems Integration

  • Interested in improving your home or business' energy efficiency, but not ready to commit to a complete replacement of your current system? We are capable of incorporating new, energy efficient appliances and technology into your existing heating and cooling system without the large investment of a system-wide overhaul.

  • Interested in installing solar- Hydronic or PhotoVoltaic? We can help to integrate these green energy systems into your household or business. 

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